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Welcome to Missouri Corporate Credit Union!

Missouri Corporate Credit Union is a credit union for credit unions.  We do not serve individuals, just credit unions.  Any credit union in the United States is eligible to join Missouri Corporate.  Currently, our members include credit unions in Missouri, Oklahoma, Illinois and North Dakota.  We take great pride in serving our members with high quality products delivered with first class personal service.

Looking For a Great Partner?

At Missouri Corporate our mission is to help your credit union succeed.  We do that by providing competitively priced products and award winning service.  You can take advantage of those features in two ways.  You can join by investing in Perpetual Contributed Capital (PCC) which permits full access to all our products and services or you can take advantage of our off-balance sheet products and services without investing in PCC.  Just click on “Join” in the menu box for more information

Our size is just right
Safety is of paramount importance

If you’re interested in all the things a big corporate credit union can provide but in a more personal setting, we are the corporate for you.  We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding member service, easy access to our senior management team, patient and professional help with your problems, and competitive rates and pricing……all focused on you and not on size.  Here are our member’s expectations – and we deliver on them:

Be Invisible” – We don’t even want to know you are there.  We have too many other things to do, so be “invisible” to us so we don’t have to take time to deal with you.
Make it Simple” – A cousin to “invisibility.”  Keep the processes simple.  We don’t have time to conduct complicated tasks.
Be Competitive” – You don’t have to pay the highest rates or charge the lowest fees but you have to be competitive.
Be Sustainable” – Don’t offer me a product and then cancel it.  Be there when I need you.


Safety has always been, and remains, our number one priority in investing member’s funds.  Check out our most recent CreditWorthiness Report by clicking here. 

Now Available
Missouri Corporate’s 2014 Independent Auditors’ Report, which includes footnote disclosures, various management reports and other required disclosures, can be viewed by clicking on the following link 2014 Annual Report.

Our quality is superb

Tired of getting the run around in dealing with other partners?  At Missouri Corporate all phones are answered by humans – no automated attendant.  We have internal standards on how quickly phones are answered and how quickly and accurately certain transactions are processed.  In 2012 the average time it took our member service representatives to answer a call was eight (8) seconds!  We track errors and the amount of time it takes to correct errors.  We review the error logs for trends or problem areas and correct as needed. 

Our staff is small and well trained.  Our member service representatives, the folks that answer your inquiries, have been with us an average of six (6) years.  Our senior staff have been with the organization an average of seventeen (17) years.  The organizations we do business with have been thoroughly researched to assure they meet our quality standards. 

This continuous focus on quality in both service and products enabled Missouri Corporate to win our state’s most prestigious award – the Missouri Quality Award.  Check us out – you won’t be disappointed.